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Questions to ask a Real Estate Agent

Questions to Ask 

Please find below the most important questions that should be considered when selling your home. If you are seeing a number of agents it might be an idea to use this as an agenda for your meeting. It may save time, provide the meeting with structure, and determine the most suitable agent for you. After all, if you don't have the best representing you, you can't expect the best results.

1. Who are the buyers and how will they find my home?

2. What method would you (the agent) suggest I use to sell my home and why?

3. What marketing do you use and what would you recommend for my home?

4. How will the highest price be achieved?

5. What happens when an offer is taken on my home?

6. Am I locked into an agreement even if I am not happy (or you think the agent is not doing the right job)?

7. What strategy would you (the agent) suggest when selling my home?

8. How long does it take to get a property on the market?
9. Do you (the agent) work in with every other agency from Day 1 to ensure you get every buyer through my property (some buyers are loyal to one  particular agent, whether it be through trust or friendship / family, if the agent excludes these buyers in order to receive a full commission they may have cost you thousands of $$$)

10. What are the internet capabilities of your agency?
11. Are your Auctions done on site or in rooms? At the Professionals we do our Auctions on site, we believe this gives our clients the greatest opportunity for generating the best possible result. 

12. Do you charge a higher commission if I sell my property using Auction?
13. Do you hold a current Real Estate Licence? You can also visit to find out more about your real estate agent whose services you may engage.
14. Open Homes - how do you ensure my property is safe during open homes? (I have 2 assistants that accompany me during each open home, so there is always 3 of us on site, providing peace of mind for our clients)

Question to ask a real estate agent


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